Keynote Speaker

Keynote delivery with a difference, a unique opportunity to experience a message through the fusion of spoken word, poetry  and floetry that will provoke the mind and encourage an uproar of resilience.

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Sickle Cell Disorder Advocate

Living a life with Sickle Cell hasn't been easy, there are so many myths that need to been debunked as we fight the invisible disability. I use my creative poetry  platform to raise awareness of Sickle Cell.

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Education Consultant

With over two decades wealth of experience in inner London comprehensive Schools. I have worked with over 10,000 young people directly and indirectly ensuring that they are given both a solid academic and life skills foundation to enable them compete in the real world. my work extends to all stakeholders parents, school and church leaders respectively.

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Since 1993

What is Crux311

Crux311 also known as Adejoke Haastrup is a mother of two young adults, an educator with more than 2 decades’ worth of experience, author of "Be a Peak Performer" How to reach your Zenith, spoken word artist and Sickle Cell Disorder advocate. Born with Sickle Cell Disorder, Ade strives to play the game of life to win.

This she does by exploring the laws and philosophies of life and mastering the principles that lead to success. As an empowering Professional and Personal Coach her passion, purpose and privilege in life is to reach out to as many people as possible as an enabler in their understanding of the secrets that will activate their hidden potentials.

In 2017, she was a finalist and went on to win the WLA award for Service to the community, Finalist and winner of the Women4Africa UK Woman in Education 2018.

Service to the community award winner 2017

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